Tides, binary orbits, Ethereal Mechanics

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Tides, binary orbits, Ethereal Mechanics

Post by Informo » Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:04 pm

Have tried to wrap my head around binary orbits with Ethereal (Aether whirlpool) orbital mechanics (that is proven originally by Kepler's empirical observations for his "harmonic law", Kepler's 3rd law, and confirmed with all observations since), and I am assuming that in a binary system, the two stars are simply orbiting within the Aether vortex of the other, like in image 2. That led me to think that maybe the reason tides occur on both sides of Earth at the same time, is because the Aether vortex around the moon is added to the one around Earth, like in image 3, and to maintain harmony the entire system becomes an ellipse. Could then also explain Kepler's 1st law.


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