Examination of Post-Classical Physics

Non - Ethereal Mechanics
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Examination of Post-Classical Physics

Post by MichaelSmith » Mon May 28, 2018 5:53 am


In science we must always accept only the simplest theory which best fits all the properly interpreted, properly represented empirical evidence which we have been able to acquire to date (fitness trumps simplicity; and fitness and simplicity break each other’s ties). Some may argue that falsifiability is also a requirement. However, I would argue that falsifiability is merely another trump; that a falsifiable, unfalsified theory beats any theory which is either falsified or unfalsifiable, while the simplest, best-fitting among unfalsifiable theories is still the best among unfalsifiable theories. I would also add, though it should go without saying, that science also requires a theory be logically viable. With these things in mind, I now point out some serious scientific limitations to post-classical physics.

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